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Horror Adventures: Part 1
It was an early morning in the Bates Motel. And a young girl named Audrey Voorhees had just woken up early on a Saturday morning to watch cartoons. She carefully tiptoed her way to the living room trying not to wake her father, Jason. Audrey lowered the volume on the TV as she turned it on, then satisfied with the volume, she went to the kitchen to go get some cereal. As she got the milk out of the fridge, she heard the screams of many children from outside the wall.
"What is going on?" Audrey thought out loud.
So she walked to the door and quietly turned the knob open to see what all the commotion was about. As she opened the door and saw a few familiar faces. She saw Alice Warden running the through the halls with fear written on her face. Alice's father had been the famous Valentines day killer Harry Warden. She could also see Mr. Lector watching all the children run through the halls with a look of distaste. She also saw Glen, And the Myers kids. Audrey stepped out into the hall an
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 "Poor Shinozaki!" Amy said. "Lets find that bag you were talking about" Anthony said. They walked to the floor were Amy found the bag and when Anthony picked the bag up Amy squealed. "EWWWWWWW!!!! YOUR NASTY!!!" Amy squealed. "Whatever lets find the ghost boy and yeah I know don't stare at his eyes!!!" Anthony said as he walked down the hall.

 As they walked in a room a blue light was shining in the shape of a body. "T...T..THATS HIIIIMMMM!!!!" Amy screamed as she pointed to him. Anthony took one step but the boy didn't move. "What's wrong...?" Anthony asked as he took a few more steps. "Give me the bag..." Amy said as she snatched the bag out of Anthony's hand. Amy took out the touonge from the bag and threw it to the boy.

 *Gurgle cough Spit..*

 "Than.. Thank you..". *Cough gurgle.* "For giving it back... mister...,and miss..." The little boy said.. Then he disappeared. "What happened? WAIT PLEASE DON'T GOOOOOOO!!!!!!" Amy yelled. "We need you to tell us how to escape STOP!!!" Amy and Anthony both yelled but the ghost didn't come back.

Meanwhile with Evie.

 "okay we can hopefully find your brother!!!" Evie said as she took Yuka's hand. "T....T....T...This room looks creepy... WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!" Yuka wined. "My cousins are somewhere here like your brother but in different versions of this world." Evie told Yuka. "D....D.......D......D.... DIFFRENT WORLDS?! CAN YOU SEE THEM AGAIN CAN YOU?!!!!!??" Yuka asked. "Don't know if its possible but I have to try to survive I can't just stand here all day." Evie said trying to bring the mood but it didn't work at all. "We all want to escape this Hell but if we can't I will just kill myself I might starve anyway..." Evie said as she stopped.

   " But I will go anyway even if I die at least I tried to see my cousins if I don't I don-" Evie can feel It Audrey was close. "AUDREY!!!! CAN YOU HERE MEEEE? YOUR CLOSE RIGHT!?!?!?... Evie yelled. "EVIE?EVIE!" Audrey yelled. "WHERE ARE YOUUUU!?" She asked. "IN ROOM 4-B!!! "Stay where you are!!! Evie yelled.


 "Audrey your alive! Meet Yuka she's looking for her brother." Evie said as Yuka poked out her head from behind Evie. "H....Hello.." Yuka said as she stepped out from behind Evie.   

                                                                                                                  The end of chapter5


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Lisa Salt
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United States
I always loved to draw and I may not exactly be the best but I try my hardest. Three of my favorite things of all time are my family, Minecraft and FNAF.



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